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Adorning a Statement Necklace
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Adorning a Statement Necklace

· · Comments

A Statement Necklace is the secret to taking an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and transforming your everyday look into something special.

Your statement necklace will tell the world a little more about who you are.  It could be casual and relaxed, classic and refined, more quirky and edgy or dramatic and bold…whatever it is, make sure it adds a significant focal point and communicates something about you.

Wearing a statement necklace to pull an outfit together successfully with your personality, clothing and taste can be done with some simple guiding principles. 

Size is your friend.

If you’re going for a statement look, then bigger is better, choose a large, visually present necklace.  Large is anything that is bigger than ‘normal’ for that type of jewellery.  Regardless of colour, shape or materials, it’s all about visibility as it is the first thing people might notice about your outfit.

One is often enough.

Simplicity is key here, you don’t need multiple pieces of statement jewellery such as necklaces and earrings competing with each other.  As a guiding principle, think of just one necklace taking centre stage (and anything else should be complementary or subsidiary).

Keep an open mind though because sometimes layering up neckpieces to create an even bolder statement works too, Iris Apfel is the icon of layering to create a bold textural colour statement.

Opposites do attract.

Think contrast…the more basic and streamlined the silhouette or palette, the more bold and dramatic the necklace.  For example, a bold, shiny statement necklace paired with the most basic plain t-shirt looks fantastic.   In reverse, a colourful, patterned silhouette works really well with a monochromatic statement piece…equally a necklace in the same colour palette of your outfit makes a bold textural statement too.

Dress with intent.

Lastly, be intentional and fearless, there is no right or wrong in the statement piece you have decided to wear.  Having confidence will unleash the conversation-starting power of a statement necklace.

 Photo : Iris Apfel - Queen of the Statement Necklace - Pinterest SMH

I know many statement necklace wearers will have great principles to add to this, so please share in the comments below.