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Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

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Working in retail and merchandising, I have collected, purchased and worn unique statement neck pieces as part of my look for many years.   Those who know me say it is part of my DNA, they cannot imagine me without a Statement Necklace!

I'm often asked “where did you get that necklace” time and time again.  So this got me to thinking why not combine my passion with what I do best ... over the past few months I scouted, researched, re-connected, liaised and curated a selection of stylish Statement Necklaces that I would love to wear and I’m excited to be able to share with you.  

I will continuously source and add to the collection of Statement Necklaces, all designed and passionately crafted by skilled artisans from both emerging and established studios in far flung places.    Along with these I will also share with you collectible, truly special one-off pieces for purchase as and when I discover them ... you’ll see these featured in the store as one-off Artisan pieces.

Plus naturally after years of collecting, some of us have a few beautiful Statement Necklaces that we're happy to put back into circulation for someone else to purchase and enjoy.  Lovingly cared for, or maybe worn just once, you’ll find these in a section specifically for Pre-Loved pieces. This is a collection that will offer great value and will expand as I source Statement Necklaces from other collectors and wearers - if you have a statement piece to share I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy browsing ... and finding the perfect Statement Necklace to add to your collection.


PS: If you are interested in more Statement Necklace inspiration please keep in touch via Instagram or Newsletter.