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Brisbane, Australia

7 days / 24 Hours Online


Can I have some tips on how to wear my Statement Necklace?

Absolutely, we want you to feel the power and joy of wearing a statement necklace every day!  Once you receive your statement piece, please email us and we will be back in touch with some inspirational images of either your exact piece or something very similar to show the many versatile ways you can wear your statement necklace.


Do the Statement Necklaces come with a Warranty?

These are all hand-made artisan necklaces so there are no manufacturers warranty, only the knowledge that every piece has been lovingly crafted by very skilled hands.  We inspect every necklace when it arrives, check it for fit and style to ensure it reflects the very highest qualities and essence of a Statement Necklace.  If worn and stored with care, you will be able to enjoy wearing these pieces for a lifetime!


Can you source a Statement Necklace for me?

I love a challenge and know Statement Necklaces very well so if you’ve got a picture I will try to locate that piece or something similar for you.   Get in touch at and I’ll start sourcing! 

Another service we can provide is commissioning an artisan to produce a special piece for you.  If you have something in mind, send me an email to and I’ll do my best to locate and engage an artisan to produce your vision.


What if I have a pre-loved or vintage Statement Necklace I would like to sell?

Yes, we would love to hear from you!  We’re a fan of conscious consumption and keen to foster a network where we can all share and re-cycle our pre-loved statement pieces.  Please send an email and a couple of pictures (from your iphone is fine) to and we will be in touch! 


I’m a jeweller/metalsmith/artisan and I would like to show you my work?

Yes please, I’m always sourcing new and interesting statement necklaces and am passionate about viewing new work and connecting with artisans.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch, it can be as simple as sending through an email with a couple of images to and we can start a conversation from there.


What if I don’t like my Statement Necklace when it arrives?

We know you are going to embrace owning and wearing a Statement Necklace but also understand that sometimes for whatever reason a purchase just doesn’t work out, in which case please refer to our returns and exchange policies.

However, we also want to help you find a statement necklace you love!  If you would like to email your thoughts and maybe a picture of you wearing the necklace to we are happy to chat one-on-one and suggest some alternative pieces you might like.


Do you loan statement pieces for fashion/editorial shoots?

Where possible, we’re happy to loan statement necklace's to designers and stylists for photoshoots, editorials and conceptualising a look.  Please get in touch at to discuss.